My head was filled with excitement when i’ve gotten an email from the CEO himself and asked me to go for an interview. All i could ever think at that moment was to ace the interview no matter what. We managed to schedule an interview the following week. I swear, it was the longest week ever for me. So a week went by and finally, it’s the interview day. The first person that interviewed me is the Head of PR. He’s a really cool dude, telling me all about the company. Before i even stepped my foot in this company, i’ve looked up on this particular company as i’ve always wonder what would it be if i were to work inside. Surprisingly, i passed the interview and i was being called back for second interview, but this time with the CEO of the company. I was slotted into client servicing team and the person liaising with the client would be the CEO himself and it would be fair for him to have a little chat with me.

The CEO was a really nice guy. I’ve met him before in my University as he came before for a talk. At the talk, he was telling us how nice of the employees who worked under him as the whole team was a group of young people. That caught my attention. Fast forward a year later, here i am, interviewing for this job. I got the job eventually, and all in my head, i was thinking how cool is the CEO….until i stepped foot into the company.

He wasn’t really a nice guy after all. He picked on every single one of us, including my colleagues, basically insulting them whenever possible and eventually, my turn to get the insult. His words is as sharp as a knife, piercing through your achy, fragile heart. On my first day, the client servicing team was called for a meeting with him. For something that can be discussed within 1o minutes can be dragged until 45 minutes at least. At the end of my first day, i’ve wondered :

a) Who on bloody earth calls your employees stay until late night even though there is nothing to be done. According to him, staying late is productive, which i find it funny.

b) Who would, in any circumstances, pull people down or even demotivate your employee to pursue something which will benefit them in the future.

c) Why lash out instead of telling them so that they can improve?

I looked up to him as a leader but not what i was expecting ever since i joined the company. I love what i am doing but to have a leader that doesn’t support you in whatever you’re doing and to have no trust, it was really sad. I go home filled with anger and disappointment, knowing that i would need to go back and face the same thing all over again the next day. Most importantly, i go to the office filled with uncertainty. I am uncertain when he will rant, i am uncertain when i can even go home, i am uncertain of so many other things. That is the time i know, i had to leave. There is no point staying where all you ever get is misery. As much as i need to work and get money, i would not strain my mental health for this. I wrote my resignation letter and  eventually i gave it to the CEO. My friend send me this quote, which i find it very true :

“No reason to stay is a good reason to leave”

You leave because there is no good reason to stay. No doubt i would learn a lot of things in that company but under someone who does not take care of their employees, i do not think it would be nice for anyone to stay to be honest. I am writing this not because i am complaining or talking bad about the company. I just think that if you want someone to stay and to succeed with the company and growing together, a leader should understand what is happening with everyone and not strain them with things unnecessary. A leader should also trust someone with their capabilities and not oppress or doubt their skills, stating that they do not know the current trends and what the people wants. There is a reason why they are being hired, which is to do their jobs and i am pretty sure they know well of what is the current trends and i believe they know what to do. Leaving the company is the best decision ever made. What a rocky start to my 2018, but i believe there is better opportunities outside.

Do you agree with me with this? Let me know in the comments.


Album Review : The Thrill Of It All – Sam Smith

Sam Smith .jpg

Sam Smith is back with his second studio album, ‘The thrill of it all”, and this time, more heart break songs. You can’t expect his album to be all jolly happy where all he experience all this while is all heartbreak from his relationships. I am so proud to say that he has improved a lot since his debut album and i honestly liked this album!. His gospel-ish powerhouse single ‘Too good at goodbyes” really just gives us a small hint of what the album has to offer and trust me, you would want to listen to the rest of his songs to get the total feel of what it feels like to lose someone on and off and hey, what is better that your feelings being written into songs?

The album starts with the hit single which i believe, everyone is already familiar with the song, then moving along to an Adele-ish ballard “Say It First”, very similar to the vocal powerhouse queen, a perfect follow up after the epic first track. “One last Song” is a more upbeat, motown kind of beat that makes you want to kind of move your body, he sings about how he was trying to make the relationship work , hence this song.

Moving along to my favourite song from the album, ‘Midnight train”, the fourth track from his album. There is something about this song that makes me want to listen to it more and more and i kept going back to this song. This song is all about him leaving a relationship that is kind of toxic, in a sense that, he has been giving every single piece of him away just to be with that someone. This song is so meaningful because it teaches us to love yourself first before committing into a relationship and at the same time, it teaches us to know when to leave a relationship that is not healthy, even tho the people around you do not know about the things that you are going through.

No Peace is another standout track, the usual ballard that you would expect from Sam, but this time, featuring an unknown singer by the name of Yebba. Her voice is as smoky as Sam’s and together, their voice matches so perfectly in the song. Another gospel inspired track, “Pray” is so perfect, it gives you the goosebumps if the song was being listened with headphones. The backing gospel sounds gives me the chills for no apparent reason but a good kind of chill.

Whatever i said cannot justify how perfect his voice in the album. You have to listen to it to know what i am even writing about. There is no coincidence that he is being acknowledged as the male version of Adele. In my opinion, he should not be even compared as he is his own king of whatever he is doing.



Ratings –  7/10

Highlights – Midnight Train, Say It First, No Peace, One Last Song


Lets go Dancing! Welcome back Kylie Minogue

Now a lot of people must been wondering.. Why am i listening to a song that is released by a person that is out of your age group? Why am i listening to old people’s song? Even my aunty (she is 48 this year) questioned me on why am i listening to a song released by a lady as old as her.. To me, as long as the music is nice, i believe we all should give them a chance. The artists are also involving to fit and also to keep up in the mainstream scene, which i appreciate a lot. They are not considered old fashioned as well because they are also releasing new materials and it is not fair to just listen to current and uprising artists and forgets the early pioneers that made up the music industry to what they are today. Remember, a lot of current artists take inspirations from what we called “the pioneers of the music scene” and Kylie Minogue is one of them. Okay let’s move on.


It has been a long wait for the Aussie legend, Kylie Minogue to be back in the music scene (4 years to be exact, minus her Christmas albums) and i can finally say that she is back!! This time with a single which did shocked me when i listened to it, but in a good way tho!

Kylie teased us with a short snippet of her song “Dancing” on her instagram. This is her most personal record to date according to her and she recorded this song in Nashville, Tennessee, which you automatically have the feeling that she is going country. But this is the part where Kylie fans would think….Hang on… how can Kylie go county? would that be a little strange? considering the fact that she as been sticking to her usual dance genre. I was a little skeptical but at the same time, excited to hear what she has in store for us. She released the song on 19th January, due to time difference (damn you time zones) i was unable to hear it YET. Imagine the frustration when it is already 19 in your area but not theirs and you have to wait. Okay lets move on.

The song started with guitar strumming and I am like… oh god there she goes…bye bye dance genre Kylie, as the song progresses and all i kept thinking is the song will sound really strange but it turns out to be as good as her previous materials. It sounded so Kylie even tho she went country. It is like a mixture of Avicii’s “Don’t Wake Me Up” slash Dolly Parton’s voice but in a really Kylie way possible. The euphoric chorus is so addictive that it kind of want to make you dance (ironically the name of the song). Yes, this song will make you dance so get prepare to move your body. I have absolute no complain about this song, it a really good comeback song for her and a really smart move to slowly introduce us to the genre that she will be exploring and preparing everyone for what is going to come.

Not only she shares the song but she also shares her album cover and also the tracks for her upcoming 14th studio album, “Golden“. Kylie would be turning 50 this coming May and i believe it is time to celebrate her talent as she enters her so called “Golden” era. “Dancing” is just a taste of what she has to offer and i cannot wait to hear what else that is installed for us! Is the song really good? Yes!. Is the song worth the 4 years wait? Definitely!  Until she releases more promotional singles, this is what we have to live with for now.

Listen to the song below and let me know in the comment what do you think about the song and the direction that she is heading to.

“A very pitchy movie indeed” Shallow Movie Review : Pitch Perfect 3




***** WARNING*****



I would never expect that there will be movie number 3 after the second movie where The Barden Bellas graduated from college. 3 years later, this movie follows the group as they embark on a journey one last time to perform for the USO accessed by Aubrey’s Army officer father.

As usual, the story follows Beca and her music career as a producer as she went off exploring more job opportunities after failing to impress some random group. She then quits her job and there comes the adventure (as usual). The Bellas reunites and decided to perform one last time for a shot to be an opening act for DJ Khaled (wtf). Of course there will be obstacles along way, of course there will be competition as well. Competitors Evermoist (hi Ruby Rose) and some other bands, would also have to fight their way to the top against The Barden Bellas.

I felt the story is totally out of track from the previous 2 movies, where they portray more of their journey and how their get to the top instead of the third movie, where there seems to be like a little side quest for the acappella group especially for Fat Amy. Her father was an international smuggler or some sort or a criminal and are in need of some moolah from Fat Amy (she has some sort of savings that is worth millions but she doesn’t know). She refuses to work with her dad because she is still doing the same old bad thing, resulting a mass kidnapping of The Barden Bellas…except Beca (OF COURSE DUH). So the mini quest is where Fat Amy and Beca thrive to rescue the team from Fat Amy’s dad and his gang of gangster-like people. As usual (again), Beca has to stand out in the movie and therefore, she was offered the chance to perform to open for DJ Khalid without the Bellas.

Long story short, this movie should not have happened. They should stop at movie number 2 but i salute them for giving a shot at it. It did made me laugh at some scene and some moments in the movie are just pure cringe, but hey, i cannot blame them considering the fact that is is a huge success! Lets hope there will be movie number 4…..not!

Production : 6/10

Overall : 5 / 10









My Top Albums of 2017

2017 has been a year full of surprises, and surprises often appears in the music industry. Countless of albums has been released this year and i’ve picked my top albums for the year.

8. Reputation – Taylor Swift


It is no surprise that Reputation made it in my list. Although she is very sour and salty in the album and the song pretty much express it, but there is no denying that she is very clever at playing with lyrics. Thanks to “Gateway Car”, “End Game”, and “This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”. If you want Taylor with synthpop, this is the album that you are looking for.

7. Flickr – Niall Horan


Out of the many albums, I was surprised that this album is in the list. When Naill release “Slow Hands” i was instantly hooked. That song is so different from the rest of his former members. His sound is more folky compared to the rest, which i like, therefore i waited for his album. After listening to the whole album, i can see why this is easily in my list. The first song “On The Loose” gives the punchy, feel good, indie vibe that makes you want to carry on listening. Give it a try and tell me what you think.

6. The Chainsmokers – Memories… Do Not Open

The Chainsmokers

When The Chainsmokers first released “#Selfie”, i thought that this group will be just a one hit wonder, with that stupid song (do you even call that a song?). They come back months later with Roses, which shocked me for a while, knowing that the song came from them. I was hooked with that song and they did not stop there. The Chainsmokers released a series of EP’s, including smashing hits like “Don’t Let Me Down”, “All We Know’, “Closer”, many more leading up to this album featuring “Paris, and “Something Just Like This”. I have to say that their songs from the album sounds really similar, but hey, i’m not going to complain much as i enjoyed every single songs inside, well not all but most of it.

5. Lorde – Melodrama

Lorde Melodrama

Lorde’s second album, Melodrama, lands a spot in my list for many reasons. She is one of the most underrated artist i’ve ever known and i believe she deserves more recognition (thank you Coachella), her voice is so special, i believe she is as special as Bjork, but different kind of special. This album especially, showcase her in a package, her materials are more mature, compared to her debut album. My personal favourite is “The Louvre”, when the bass dropped, my jaws dropped as well. It is not the usual bass drop, but it’s Lorde’s bass drop. Her use of layers in the songs is just phenomenal. Well done Lorde! Looking forward to many more hits.

4. Linkin Park – One More Light

One More Light

There has been many hate on this album particularly and i don’t fecking know why! every song in this album has a meaning to it and a band needs to evolve in order to succeed. I do not see any reason to hate on it just because they shifted their genre to a more pop-sound. Apart from all the hate, there are many songs that the late Chester had written due to his fight with depression. Songs like “Heavy”, “Talking to Myself” and “Good Goodbye” deserves an award for the best song with meaning. The title track is really inspirational as well, as what is in the lyrics “Who cares if one more light goes out?, Well I do”. I do not see what is it to hate such a wonderful, inspirational but sad album.

3. Loreen -RIDE


It’s been 5 years since Eurovision Queen, Loreen, released an album. RIDE serves as the second album from Loreen and the album shows her departure from her previous trance/euro-pop materials such as Euphoria and My Heart Is Refusing Me. Prior to her second album, Loreen had released an EP, Called “NUDE”, a three songs EP with a very similar, trance-like song called “Body”. I was so excited when she released a trance-like song because that is what everyone is hoping for, but our hope went crushing down just like how Titanic sank when she told us that her album is not going to that direction. Instead it is going to a more darker direction compared to her previous materials. I was bumped but i insisted to give her a chance to prove herself, and she did!. Her first single titled “71 Charger” was a slow paced song, but quite jammy as well, which was surprisingly good. “Jupiter Drive” is the danciest song you can ever find in her second album, but that does not mean it is bad. Give it a go and let me know in the comments.

2. Evolve – Imagine Dragons

Evolve Imagine Dragons

I’m a total “Believer” when it comes to Imagine Dragons. With their third album, spawning hits like “Thunder”, “Whatever It Takes”, and “Believer”, i can tell you, this is not the only songs that is nice in this album. There are so many potential songs in the album that can be as big as the three. Song like “I don’t Know Why”, “walking The Wire’ and “Start Over” could be a potential hit. They are coming to Malaysia for the first time to perform for us and i am really excited to see them live. I’ve been following them since the first album and they kept getting better and better. With so many potential hits and current hits, I believe it deserve to be in the list.

1. Lany – LANY


The trio recently got their limelight with their hit ‘ILYSB’, and the song will not disappoint you at all. There is no doubt that this indie band deserve to be in my number 1 spot, spawning hits such as “Super Far”, “13”, and “Good Girls”, with hard indie-synthpop beats that will get you hooked into their world. Not only their music is good, they sound really good as well! even it’s live, they sound so good. With their dreamy voice and really nice beats in their songs, it will make you dance and if you’re not dancing, you’re probably crying from songs like “The Breakup” and “Hurts”. Their sound may be really upbeat, but don’t be fooled.

What is your favourite albums this year? let me know in the comments!

“Batman is batshit” Shallow Movie Review : Justice League


***** WARNING*****







When the world is threatened by an unknown force, Justice League was formed, led by Batman, along with Wonder Woman, Aquaman, Cyborg and Flash, they would have to join forces to keep the world safe from Steppenwolf and his army of Parademons.

When the trailer was released and yes, i have to watch it, but i never plan to watch the movie anyways. Fast forward months later, i’m doing a review on it wooooo. The only  DC movie that i managed to watch prior to this is only Wonder Woman (Yes Gal Gadot you queen) and i have no clue or whatsoever on what is coming for this movie. All i know is a bunch of superheroes coming together to kick someone’s ass. I was amazed by the movie to be honest. Again, i have no background or whatsoever on what is going to expect, so every villain and heroes are new to me.

This movie serves as a really good introduction for all of the heroes and where they came from, and how the were assembled. The storyline is really good, adding mythical places like Atlantis and Themyscira, where Aquaman and Wonder Woman came from. I didn’t know superman died so i was shocked int he beginning and when they plan to revive Superman to help them as they cannot seem to stop Steppenwolf by themselves. This is the part where i can say, Batman can pack his bags and just retire but wait.. he’s rich so… oh well, moving on. Of course Batman have to be there and to me, he is the most useless character in the movie. Even freaking Alfred does more than Batman. Let me tell you how useless Batman is.

When they revived Superman with one of the cube, the energy was so intense that the cube went lying off the scene and then, they left the cube unattended when Superman went batshit crazy after being revived. They had sort of a mini standoff between the team (minus Batman because he has no superpowers) and Superman. He then flew off the to a city nearby and the rest had to follow suit (except batman because he is useless and he has to run like a human, because he is). THE LEAST HE CAN DO is to retrieve the cube but noooooo, he was shown running to the scene where the standoff takes place. This leaves a great opportunity for Steppenwolf to teleport to the cube and just take it without any protection. Great job Batman.

Other than that, this moves gives really great introduction to people like me who has no clue or whatsoever that is happening in the DC world. I wished Batman can do more but let’s be fair, he is human after all, compared with his other superhuman allies. He is being realistic so i guess i cannot complain about it. On the other hand, the rest of the heroes did a really good job defending the city.

Since there is Cyborg, i would expect him to use his signature “Booyah”, i was almost disappointed when until he used it in the end of the movie. My inner child was screaming so loud. I’ve grew up watching Teen Titans and “Booyah” is a common word used by Cyborg, so if he did not use it in this movie, i will be so pissed. I enjoyed this movie a lot and i do not understand why so many people hate on it.


Overall ratings : 7/10